Guzalia Davis Signature Wellness Program

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Guzalia Davis, CH, NLPM

This program is not for the faint of heart. 

12 weeks of intense work for profound dramatic results!


It's not a cookie cutter program, and it will be customized to your specific needs. But there are a few constants in this program:


Complete Detox:

environment - you will free your home from the toxins that affect your health

relationships - you will free yourself from toxic people that are harmful to your health

you will learn to set and defend healthy boundaries in your relationships

your mind - you will finally gain freedom from toxic thoughts you may have been creating

your body - you will learn how to detox your body and how to pick the right food


Ending Self-Destructive Behavior:

bad habits such as smoking, excess alcohol consumption, recreational use of drugs, overeating, gambling, self-sabotaging ends here.


Healthy Life Style:

we will create a healthy routine that fits your life

sport activity that matches your life, personality and needs

finding time to nourish your soul


Nourishment and Weight Management:

we will work out the diet plan that fits you the best

you will learn about nutrition


Stress Management:

we will program your mind to stay calm and in control in any situation

you will learn the tools that will serve you well for the rest of your life

meditation & self-hypnosis


Chronic Conditions Management:

pain and sleep management

self-healing techniques

hypnosis session/s to address your health conditions


Letting go of the Past:

releasing emotional traumas

getting rid of fears and limiting beliefs

releasing past relationships


New You Creation:

wiring your mind for success

setting clear goals

creating the best version of you







Hi, my name is Guzalia Davis, and I am a Certified Life Coach, Consulting Hypnotist, Master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


Are you tired of being sick and tired? If yes, I am here with all my knowledge and experience to help you create new happy and healthy you.


As a hypnotist, I often see clients with various health issues. Some people come to quit smoking, some to lose weight, some needs help to manage stress, some need relief from chronic pain... Didn't take me long to realize that everything is intertwined and interconnected. Our mental and physical health, our soul and body are interdependent, and if we want to improve our health we need to approach it holistically. I have drawn the best tools from my vast training and real work experience in many healing modalities to put this program together for you. Yes, you can quit smoking and free yourself from other addictions, lose weight, beat insomnia, get your stress under control, relieve your pain, boost confidence.... all in one place - heal your soul, mind and body!                                                                                            

Call for your free phone consultation to see how I can help you reinvent your health:                         

Phone: 443 599 8488


Guzalia Davis Signature Wellness Program

Are you ready to reinvent your health?


12 weeks (3 months) program

1-hour sessions spaced week apart

you work one-on-one with me

(no middle man, no assistants, just me!)

I am accessible to you on the phone or via email between the sessions throughout the entire program

Your Investment: $1,250